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"Almost Famous" South China Morning Post - 25 April 2003

"Everyone seems to have heard of me, but no on actually seems to know who I am," says a baffled Kinzie as she scans the packed bar. You get the impression that she enjoys the mystique, being the cyber-wizard behind heartbeat, an online community catering for the city's spiritual needs and binding together people who desire to live to their potential, achieve their dreams and share ideas along the way ... read article

"Hong Kong Comes Up with Marketing Slogan that's Easy to Digest" Asia Wall Street Journal - 17 May 2001

"I think they have an identity problem," says nine-year Hong Kong resident and marketing consultant Kinzie, who branded herself with only a single name. "In my opinion Hong Kong is one of the few world cities but they have trouble vocalizing it." ... read artikcle

"Job for the Boys" Advertising & Marketing - 21 February 1997

International recruitment agency Morgan & Banks is responding to (a) shortage by setting up a division that deals exclusively in placing candidates in the TV industry in Asia. Kinzie, a management consultant responsible for this new division, says that the big players coming in are using a variety of approaches to break into the market. "This means all kinds of different employment opportunities right across the board." she says. "There is a shortage of experienced TV executives because the industry is still young. This means few positions in which one can develop local market expertise. The challenge is to find candidates with appropriate skills and regional knowledge." ... read article

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